Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dirty Dozen List

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Yesterday while driving to work, I heard a report on the radio about which fruits and vegetables tend to contain the most pesticide residues when conventionally grown. I buy organic produce as a rule, but there are a few stores around me that don’t carry it or that don’t have a decent selection, so sometimes I have to make an exception. Buying local is also important to me, and yet not all the vendors at my area farmers' markets sell organic produce.

This report has helped me to decide when buying organic is an absolute necessity. You can check out the list here: "Apples top 2011 'dirty dozen' list, says group". I’m sure you’ll snort in disgust, as I did, when you read how the spokesperson of a produce trade association branded the report “a sensational publicity stunt disguised as science.” That sure sounds like Monsanto talking to me!


  1. I am quite upset about strawberries being on that list, but YAY I can still eat mango's without worry!! Thank for posting that I have a friend who is collecting food info like that for a paper I'm going to pass it on to her! HUGS!


  2. I'm glad you found the information to be helpful, Sandi.


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