Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 things I’d like to make disappear (vol. II)

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! My family and I are, even though we’re not taking a summer vacation. A few months ago, several of my big-ticket household appliances conspired against me and went belly-up all at once. So, we’re doing simple day trips on the weekends instead of a big vacation so we can save for new appliances.

Last weekend, we hung out in a cute town with a hippie vibe in upstate New York. We had originally planned to day-trip it to the beach, but none of us could bear the thought of the nasty traffic we would encounter... which brings me to me second installment of “7 things I’d like to make disappear.”

The “7 things” list is a bit of harmless venting about things that get on my last nerve…  things I’d like to wave a wand at or wriggle my nose at so they’ll disappear. Incidentally, “The Glenn Beck Show” was on my last “7 things” list, and not long after I posted it, the Deranged One himself announced that his show would soon end. Maybe my wishful thinking is more powerful than I thought? Here’s my latest list:

1.     Yellow jackets, hornets and wasps
2.     Shore traffic on the Garden State Parkway
3.     Trash on the beach (this comes in many forms, LOL)
4.     Neighbors that operate loud power tools on Saturday mornings
5.     Neighbors that operate loud power tools on Sunday mornings
6.     Grubs
7.     “The Jersey Shore” TV Show (yes, this was on my first list…I just keep hoping)

Let us know what's on your list. What would you make disappear? 


  1. I can totally understand the Garden State Parkway traffic being on your list. It's one of the reasons I try not to travel to south Jersey on weekends. Like you, I try to keep my travels within NY state and other locales that will not be traveled on the GSP. :)
    I wish you a most blissful summer and may all your wishes come true!

  2. Yes, even now with some of the toll plazas gone it's still a nightmare in the summer. Have a great one, Sandra!

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  4. Giggle, I know what you mean about the Sunday morning yard care bunch. 6:30 last Sunday we heard a leaf blower in action! Hugs
    The book club selection has been posted!

  5. I laughed at your list. I see some things havent changed since I moved away. Still Jersey shore traffic and trash of all sorts lol. And the show Jersey Shore will always be on my list. People I talk to that arent from Jersey dont get it. I just tell them its all da Newyawkers that are on there. Jersey folks are much better. :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad my "7 things" list gave you a chuckle. I'm probably going to add "Real Housewives of NJ" to my next list for the same reason you mentioned, and the one about the hair salon too. Who's writing and producing this crap anyway? (You can bet they're not from NJ.)


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