Monday, March 7, 2011

7 things I'd like to make disappear

Did you ever wish you could make things that annoy you disappear? Perhaps with a twitch of your nose like Samantha Stevens from Bewitched, or with folded arms and a nod of your head like I Dream of Jeannie? Yeah, me too…

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about this confession, I can assure you it’s all perfectly benign, with harm intended to none. And I’m well aware real magick doesn’t work that way but, hey, a girl can  dream, right? Here’s what’s on my list at the moment. What about you?

- Old, dirty snow that just won't melt
- Queen-bee moms
- Bad pizza (despite the old joke about pizza and sex,
there IS such a thing as bad pizza)
- The Glenn Beck Show
- Crow’s feet
- Tailgating drivers
- The “Jersey Shore” TV Show 

1 comment:

  1. There is bad pizza. I've had it. Ugh. And bad sex, unfortunately. *giggle*

    I'd twitch my nose at drivers that don't use their signal lights. I'm pretty intuitive, but I'm not psychic - and I can't predict where the hell you are going!

    And snow!


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