Monday, January 24, 2011

Clearing your home of negative vibes

Since the new year is fairly young and I’m still feeling in an “out with old in with the new” mood, I decided it’s a good time to give all the stale, negative energy that accumulated in my home during 2010 the boot. So, last weekend I started smudging. I started with my bedroom, and over the next few days I’ll make my way through the other rooms in the house.

For the uninitiated (and my mom, who will probably be reading this), smudging is a way to cleanse and purify a space through the ritual burning of herbs. The theory is the smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and when it clears it takes the negative energy with it. Some herbs that are commonly used for smudging are sage, mugwort, lavender and sweet grass.

Sometimes smudging is used to purify and transform the energy of a space before meditation or a ceremony. But, for my current purposes, I’m just using it to get rid of the yuck. 

Here’s the method that works for me. After I clear a space, it somehow feels sparkly and fresh and healthier to be in.  Give it a try!

1.  De-clutter the room you want to smudge as much as possible.
2.  Pick a time when the kids and spouse are out of the house.
3.  Wear comfortable clothing and, if possible, keep your feet bare so you can better “connect” with your home. This is hard for me because my feet are always like two ice cubes…
4.  Take time to think quietly about the effects you want the space clearing to bring about, i.e., improved sleep, less tension, more harmony, better health. Try to visualize the results in your mind’s eye.
5.  Light your smudge stick and walk around the room in a clockwise direction. Gently fan the smoke so it disseminates into the room, making sure to hold a fireproof container under the smudge stick to catch any ashes.
6.  Once you’ve walked the room, open your windows with the intention to allow fresh air to remove the negative energy.
7.  Place a bowl of salt in the middle of the room to absorb any residual bad vibes. After a few days, sprinkle the salt in your yard.

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